Leycol has been approved under all of the standards you’d expect of a leading printer. This includes ISO 14001 for the quality of it’s environmental management systems and with FSC® which attest to the good stewardship and sustainability of our paper sources.(FSC-C005739)

Certificates are just the beginning though. The company’s lean manufacturing philosophy reduces its environmental impact still further.

At repro stage, going direct to plate skips the film process and saves on chemicals.
In the machine room, only vegetable-based inks are used and all chemical usage is kept to a minimum, with recycling and disposal of hazardous waste carried out by registered waste management companies.

Our off cuts from all of the finishing machines go direct into compactors, ready for collection. All polythene, shrink-wrap, pallet-wrap, CD covers, bottles and other waste plastics are also compacted.

Waste collections are now fortnightly, thanks to the compaction process, instead of three times a week. And that means a smaller carbon footprint.

Leycol are able to offer carbon-neutral status on jobs if requested.